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Benign: - Not cancerous

Biomarkers: - Substances sometimes found in an increased amount in blood or tissue that may suggest the presence of some types of cancer.

Biopsy: - Removal of a sample of tissue or cells for examination for purpose of diagnosis.

Cancer: - A disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells.

Chromosomes: - Structures in cell nucleus which control the genes responsible for heredity.

Consent: - Permission or agreement.

Diagnosis: - The identification of the nature of an illness by examination of the symptoms.

Donate/Donation: - Allowing the gift of blood, an organ or tissue from ones body.

DNA: - Component of chromosomes that carries the genetic code.

Epidemiology: - Study of the distribution and causes of disease in a population.

Genetics: - The study of genes.

Genes: - The biological information you inherit from your parents.

Heredity:- Genetic transmission from parent to child.

Histology: - The study of cells relating to the disease.

Metastasis: - Where cancer has spread to other parts of the body beyond the primary tumour site.

: -
Science dealing with physical/chemical and biological properties and features of cancer, including causes and disease process.

Pathologist: -
A Doctor who specializes in the nature/structures and identity of disease.

Tissue MicroArray (TMA): It is a technique that allows to collect on one single paraffin-embbeded block many samples of different tissue sections.
This technique consists in analyzing simultaneously the expression of various genes or proteins of several hundreds of tumoral samples placed on the same support. The paraffin-embedded block qualified as " receiver", contains biopsic cylinders stemming from paraffin-embedded blocks of hundreds of different tumoral samples considered as samples "donors".
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