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Fiche TMA
Presentation of the Microarrays Tissue

“Tissue MicroArray” (TMA) is a technique that allows bringing together, on one single paraffin block, samples from different tissue sections already embedded into other paraffin blocks.

For instance, one paraffin block can bring together:

  • samples of the same tumor type from distinct patients,
  • samples from a single patient but taken in different locations,
  • samples of different tissues, normal or pathological, from a single patient.


This technique allows analyzing simultaneously the expression of various proteins coming most of the time from several hundreds of tumoral samples placed on a single block. The paraffin-embedded block qualified as "receiver", contains biopsic cylinders (usually with a diameter about 600 microns) stemming from paraffin-embedded blocks of hundreds of different tumoral samples considered as "donors" samples.

Thus TMA allow:

  • reducing the technical time required for the cutting and immunohistochemical analysis  of the samples,
  • reducing the quantity of consumables (for instance antibodies) necessary to prepare the whole samples,
  • standardize the technics (absence of inter-technician or intra-technician variations for instance),
  • a semi-automated processing of the data, using the appropriate equipment and software.


TMA Request Procedure

1/ Go the TMA section and search for TMA for your research projects, based on criteria such as organ, pathology, etc
2/ Indicate the ID number of the TMA of interest (as well as the pathology their referring to) in the TMA Request Form
3/ Make your request by sending an email to providing the list of selected samples that you've exported, along with the TMA Request Form filled out.


The 3-D pie charts below show the distribution of TMA per institution and per pathology.



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